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House Calls

We look in the attic, basement and knee walls for animal activity.  Then we go all over the outside to find holes and crevices that allowed them get inside.  Any other areas vulnerable to entry will be noted.  We’re thorough. 

Based on your observations and what we find, we complete an activity report with recommendations for animal removal and areas to be secured.

Chimney Caps

chimney capsChimneys are a big tunnel leading directly into your living quarters. Animals coming down chimneys are accidents, curiosity or intentional. Only raccoons and chimney swifts (a bird) can go back up a clay lined chimney. Animals will end up in fireplaces or die above the fireplace damper plate or come into the basement through the butterfly damper of the oil or gas furnace.

Animals in chimneys are preventable.

Chimney caps with open mesh sides allow the flues to exhaust as normal and prevent animals, rain, snow and debris from entering. Caps are removable for chimney cleaning.

We furnish and install a full line of chimney caps in stainless steel or copper.

Blocking Holes

We block holes to prevent animals from using them. Our rust resistant metal mesh materials and techniques create discrete and animal resistant seals that will be there years.

Work is warranted for 2 years unless conditions prevent durable results. If the animal compromises our work, we’ll repair and remove animals at no charge.

Can we keep mice out? We do and can!

Animal Removal

Animals may be on your property to sleep, eat or have babies. Removal can be simple or complicated depending on the situation, time of season and how many different species present.

One-way door systems work with a variety of animals. These are installed temporarily after exterior holes and crevices have been blocked. Animals usually have alternative nesting locations in the neighborhood. With one-way systems, your house should be quiet in just a few days.

Trapping animals is the last resort. Live or lethal trapping is never good for the animals. Dropping animals off in strange territory causes strife to the released and the residents, as they defend territory and food against the new comer, fighting and driving it off.

Mouse or mice trapping is done with a quantity of professional snap traps placed in the right locations. We do not use chemicals or poisons to control the mice population. Trapping and blocking holes is how we solve the problem. At least one follow-up trip is made to remove mice and reset traps.

Odors and Smells

We know the smells of most everything. Skunk smell is unpleasant. Skunks may vacate after spraying the area, leaving their ‘present’ behind. Skunks dying under a building can smell for years. Removing animals and deodorizing is something we do.

A dead mouse or mice can smell pretty bad. We can usually find/remove them and deodorize too.

Bird Control

Commercial bird problems anywhere in New England can be addressed to any level required. Consultations, quoting, cleanups, installation of bird deterrents or trapping are available.

Mark Ravenelle, owner, has taught classes in bird control, manufactures a revolutionary electric shock bird tape (called KABA) and has solved bird infestation issues for many companies.

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All Creatures Pest Control is a fully insured and licensed wildlife control company based in Merrimack, NH. The company serves to a client base in all of southern New Hampshire.

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