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All Creatures Pest Control believes that wildlife is a hands-on experience. We do the work, not a sub-contractor. Our knowledge, courtesy and professionalism are recognized by other area professionals and businesses.

We’re passionate about wildlife, nature and resolving your concerns. We have extensive experience (a combined total of 18 years full-time, 52 weeks a year) in wildlife damage control, and are fully insured and licensed.

We take care of bats, beavers, birds, chipmunk, flying squirrel, gray squirrel, mice, moles, opossum, pigeons, raccoon, rats, red squirrel, seagull, skunk, sparrow, starling, woodchuck,woodpecker...if it has scales or fur, we're ready for action!

About All Creatures Pest

All Creatures Pest Control is a fully insured and licensed wildlife control company based in Merrimack, NH. The company serves to a client base in all of southern New Hampshire.

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We try to answer phones round the clock and always check messages. Emergency house call visits are generally available.

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